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I’ve always had a deep-rooted passion for creating visual stories. So after earning a photography degree, I immediately sought as much rich professional experience as possible. As a result, my portfolio spans commercial, architectural and interior design photography, and includes professional experience as a photography educator at university level.

My background has given me the skills and experience to create timeless bespoke images and produce high-end fine art products that are certified for lasting quality.


It was my innate draw to pure, natural beauty that led me to maternity, newborn and children's' portraiture, which focuses on the purest, most natural form of beauty. For me, there is nothing more rewarding than capturing the tiny details and quiet sweetness of a newborn and the overwhelming love of parents who’ve just met their new bundle of joy, as well as families' happy moments and cheeky children. I couldn’t ask for a better subjects

I combine passion, experience, and skill to create contemporary, delicate and minimalistic images and high-quality art products that you’ll cherish forever.

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The studio is located at my home in Woodford, London —just 20 minutes away from the M25 by car, or 25 minutes from Liverpool Street Station by train.


My clients’ comfort is always my top priority, especially when it comes to newborn portrait sessions, so you will be welcomed in my own home where a warm, bright, cosy and inviting space have been created for parents, babies and siblings to relax and have fun session.


At the studio, you can choose from a small selection of simple, timeless props for newborns (should you wish to use), all of which are made from safe, organic materials in soft, natural colours, my aim is to create natural images with a clean, minimal aesthetic, my aim is to focus entirely on your adorable family and personality.

Together, we will create timeless custom artwork that you and your family will treasure whenever you look back on this special time.

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As your photographer, it is of absolute importance to me that every aspect of your portrait session only adds to your happiness and excitement at this special time in your life.
So from the moment you book your session, you’ll be guided through all of the preparations for your precious photo shoot.
To ensure that the outcome of your shoot is exactly as you envisioned, I am here to listen to every questions you may have, giving you my full attention, creativity and professionalism at every step of the way.

Each portrait session is designed to be a enjoyable and relaxed, memorable family experience and every effort is made to ensure that parents, babies, and siblings are comfortable from start to finish. My aim is to focus entirely on your adorable family and personality and that's why I use minimal props when necessary and I don't force you into pose, as I am capturing the special sweet moments you share with your family.


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